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About Us

niwatec Actuators and Controls – Quality “Made in Germany”

niwatec GmbH is a supplier of complex and sophisticated actuators for valves and fittings in the oil and gas industry. We are your competent partner with more than 20 years of experience in design and development, construction and manufacture of actuators and controls as well as in their distribution, startup and service. Our actuators and controls are employed in both, the crude oil and natural gas industry but also in the chemical and petro-chemical industry. And we are just as successful in implementing solutions for the power plant industry, underground gas storage caverns and for water and environmental technologies.

niwatec products are established all over the world:

  • in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe
  • in Russia and further GUS states
  • in North Africa
  • in the Middle East and many other parts of Asia

Reliability, high quality and user-friendlyness of our products led to a continuous extension of our market share over the past years. Tailor-made and innovative solutions are developed in close cooperation with our customers, providing for a trouble-free process flow even in extreme operational situations.

Our experienced team of motivated engineers and technicians is able to cope with all kinds of challenges. In our owner-managed company, decisions are taken efficiently, which guarantees prompt answers to your tasks.

Our customers can expect even more:

  • internationally operating and SCC-certified support during start-up of our products
  • a training center on our premises for our customers
  • external approvals, as e.g. a GOST certificate
  • and of course a management system certified according to DIN and ISO standards

Upon the design and development of our products we respect the safety of our environment, taking into consideration these recognised standards:

  • ATEX 94/9 CE
  • SIL
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)